The Access Fund has had a strong presence in the Upper Peninsula for many years and we’ve partnered with them and the Upper Peninsula Climbers Coalition for a membership drive and raffle.

We plan on having more people become Access Fund members at the Michigan Ice Fest than any other event in the country! Every person who joins or renews their membership during the festival will be entered into a drawing for the Grand Prize of a pair of Ice Axes!  The Drawing will take place Saturday Evening.

There are plenty of perks when you join the Access Fund but if you really want to know what the AF and UPCC is all about and why it’s important, take a look around you. Both organizations are dedicated to preserving the areas where we climb, where your mentor first showed you how to belay. The partner throwing you a high-five at the top of an Upper Peninsula classic. It’s about community—about coming together. It’s about developing the legacy of climbing, and celebrating that legacy. Just like the Michigan Ice Fest, and that’s why we make such great partners

Access Fund

Access Fund is the national advocacy organization that leads and inspires the climbing community toward sustainable access and conservation of the climbing environment. We represent more than 8 million climbers nationwide in our work to protect and conserve the land, fight for sustainable access, and build a community of inspired advocates.


The Upper Peninsula Climbers’ Coalition is a non-profit Access Fund Affiliate. Our mission is to preserve and protect climbing areas in the Upper Peninsula. In doing so, we work with more than 20 different landowners. The UPCC is also the owner of Slug’s Bluff–Michigan’s First Climber-Owned Crag.

Please consider joining the UPCC and Access Fund or make a donation. It is only with support of the community that we are able to protect and secure Upper Peninsula climbing.