Get the Most Out of Your Class

Thanks for signing up for a class at the 2024 Michigan Ice Fest!  Our goal is to make your class a fun and adventurous learning experience.  On this page you’ll find a ton of information about your class and how to make the most of it.  Please read this information carefully.

Festival Sign In

When you arrive in Munising you will need to sign in at the event.  You can come to our headquarters and our friendly staff will get you all set for the weekend. You will get your official lanyard, which is your ticket into all things Ice Fest, as well as any updates to the schedule and any important information.

Our Headquarters

Meeting Your Class

Classes meet in waves to reduce congestion and speed up the process of getting your demo gear.  Please go to our demo room and pick up your gear at the assigned time.  After you get gear, go straight to the assigned classroom to meet your instructor and the rest of  your class.

Please be on time. If you are late your class may leave for the climb without you. Instructors will not wait more 15 or 20 minutes for missing participants.

Please note that instructors and climbs may change but the time and meeting room will not.

Demo Gear

All the climbing gear needed for your class is provided by Michigan Ice Fest on the day of your class. If you’d like to climb outside of the day you’re taking a class, you’ll need to pay the demo fee, otherwise it’s included with the class. You’ll get: climbing boots, crampons, and ice tools to share with group.  We have some helmets and harnesses available but if you own your own we suggest you bring them for your convenience.  Also available will be a limited amount of apparel and gloves so if you’d like to try something out please ask and we’ll see what we can do.

Other Gear to Bring

There are some other basics that we don’t provide that will make your class much more enjoyable.  We recommend bringing:

  • An inquisitive mind – You are here to learn- ask questions and soak in the whole experience!
  • Warm Clothes – Dress in layers and how you would usually dress for all day outside.
  • Extra gloves – Thin gloves to climb in and thicker gloves to not climb in. You can never have enough gloves
  • Snacks and Hot Drinks – Keep your energy up and your belly full
  • Camera – This will be an experience you’ll never forget and you’ll want pictures. Don’t forget about photo contest; pictures from classes are always a favorite
  • Backpack  – It’s always nice to have something to carry your gear


Don’t worry if you don’t have the required gear, or if you fall in love with the gear you demo during your class.  Down Wind Sports will have a store setup at Headquarters where they will have all the gear you need and even more that you want, and best of all, everything will be on sale!  Or, if you can’t wait, give them a call and you can apply your Ice Fest discount and have the product shipped to you before the fest.


You will be taken to and from your classes on one of our official Ice Fest shuttles. Vans and buses will leave from headquarters and take you to the trailhead of your class location.  All classes have a short walk from the trailhead to the climb.

Backcountry classes require a little more work to get to and will probably involve traveling on an exposed to the elements sled pulled by a Side by Side.  Please dress warm! After being dropped off, our Back Country clinic usually involve a longer hike in.

Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your class

  • Be ready for the weather – It might be really cold, or not. It might snow, or rain, or be sunny. This is Lake Superior region, you never know, so be ready for anything.
  • Hand warmers are amazing – Cold hands aren’t fun so be ready to warm them up.
  • Ask questions – You are being taught by some really talented climbers, use that resource. They’ll be happy to answer and you’ll be glad you asked.
  • Climb as much as you can – Time on the ice is time well spent.

If you have any questions please feel free to email or call us.  Your experience is our highest priority.