Ice Fest takes place in Munising, Michigan on the shores of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and Lake Superior. Ice Fest headquarters is located at the Munising Community Center and this is where you will go to pick up your registration materials, check out and return demo equipment, vendor booths, information center, mini presentations and meet for all of the classes.  Featured presentations will be held in the beautiful Mather Auditorium.

Mather Auditorium

The Mather Elementary School was built in 1921 which included a classic auditorium with a raised stage and theater style seating.  In 2001/2002 the Mather Auditorium was completely renovated and state of the art sound and lighting were introduced.  With over 700 seats, and a sixty foot screen, the auditorium will provide the perfect setting for our feature presentations. No food or drinks are allowed in the auditorium.

The auditorium is located in the same building as Headquarters, but to reach it you’ll need to go outside and walk around the building to the main entrance of the school to the west of the Community Center

Michigan Ice Fest Guide’s Center

Gallery Coffee Company

The Curtains Demo Area