Artist on Ice



Art and adventure are inseparable parts of the human experience that help us define who we are.  Many consider the performance of climbing as an art form in itself, so it only seems natural to bring a climbing artists to Ice Fest highlighting our new program Artist on Ice.  Look for a gallery showing, morning coffee talk, live art, and other workshops!

2024 Artist: Mikayla Haynes

Mikayla is a self- taught artist and climber from Duluth, MN. The inspiration for her artwork comes from the adventures she’s experienced, often right out her front door.  After obtaining a bachelor’s degree in biology, she felt pulled to draw attention to the natural world and its many wonders, while also indulging in her need to create art. All of this combined with her passion for climbing and outdoor adventures led to expression through paintbrush on canvas. Painting is as much a part of her life as any other outdoor pursuit. Climbing can take one to wild, unique places with magnificent views – with this in mind, Mikayla aims to convey the perspective and scale often experienced on rock or ice, while also acknowledging tiny details such as the texture of different ice or lichen on rocks.

Residing in Northern Minnesota, there is no shortage of natural inspiration. Through her adventure-inspired artwork, Mikayla hopes to spark a sense of familiarity and connection to nature with those who view her art.

Past Artists

2023 – Sam Elias

2022 – Katie McKinstry

2020 – Craig Muderlak