Quentin Roberts


Born in England to a Canadian father and Austrian mother, Quentin’s path was destined to be worldly. As a young pup, Quentin started climbing in Wales with his father and soon found his way into the Alps with his school’s alpine climbing team in Germany. From there, Quentin moved to South Africa where he tugged on tufas and surfed world class breaks. A passion for skateboarding led Quentin to advocate and help develop a skatepark, contributing to his admission to Pearson College on Vancouver Island. It was in Canada where his dedication to climbing was sparked. Quentin became a hunter for hard new alpine lines, like the east face of Chacrataju in Peru, bonding himself to the modern praxis of climbing. Quentin went on to university and received his degree in mechanical engineering. Publicly, Quentin is known for his solos, like Striving for the Moon on Mount Temple, which he feels are personal releases of energy. Privately, among friend and partners, he’s known for his tactfulness, strength and positive energy.