Lindsey Hamm


Lindsey “The Hamminator” Hamm is an Aspiring Mountain Guide who works for Sierra
Mountain Guides out of Bishop, CA. She began climbing in 2013 when she moved from Austin,
Texas to Denver, Colorado. Once she got a taste of all the disciplines it was the icing on the
cake, and she began working towards becoming a guide. She has been a prominent force in the
guiding community for the last 8 years. She is striving to achieve her International Federation
Mountain Guide Association Pin (IFMGA). She has guided and recreationally climbed all
around Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, New Mexico, Washington, Alaska, and California, India and
China. Before Hamm was a climber, she was long-distance runner. She has completed 4 ultra
runs in her 20s and plans on trying for a 100 miler at some point.
She was awarded the 2016 GORE-TEX Scholarship for an AMGA course and the Rock Guide
Discipline from ARC’TERYX, and the 2019 American Alpine Club McNeil-Knott Grant to go
back to India to finish out a route in Zanskar, India. She was in India for a month attempting to put up a First Ascents with her partner. They were successful putting up a few towers (Tower One, WI3, M3, 5.9 R), trying to attempt an epic traverse but got shut down by weather. Due to Covid she has not been able to go back to finish this route out. However, she has been training for the Yosemite Valley 2021 Spring Season to work on Father Time with her partner Katie Lambert-this will be a long- term project for Linds.

My Mom will tell you when I was a kid I was constantly climbing, on everything. Born and raised in Colombia, in the middle of the central mountain range of the country, I started climbing mountains in my teens. I was captivated by the allure of adventure. In 2003 I moved to the USA and found myself completely addicted to Indian Creek and the Moab area, spending uncountable days climbing wide cracks and desert towers. My first visit to Ouray, I was stoked to experience vertical ice climbing and was immediately hooked. I love climbing mixed ice and alpine routes that drive me to intense focus and challenge. My passion lies in expedition climbing, exploring new mountains and trying to unlock the mystery of climbing new routes. Being out in the mountains, enjoying cool places with good friends is something I absolutely love, but I also love to come home and rock climb in the Black Canyon or go cragging with my dog Paco. Andres is being sent to Ice Fest by our good friends at Scarpa!