Joe Josephson


Joe Josephson “JoJo” has a broad and diverse background as a publisher, photographer, business owner, sales rep, hard rock miner, community organizer, French cook, stunt man, mountain guide and is the self-proclaimed “least sponsored sponsored climber in history.” Born and raised in the wilderness of Montana but living in the Canadian Rockies for over a decade, he was established in the 1990s as the “resident route poacher” climbing many new rock and waterfall routes. Author of the seminal “Waterfall Ice in the Canadian Rockies” and “Winter Dance Select Guide to Montana and Wyoming” JoJo has more recently been spending his energy organizing the Bozeman Ice Climbing Festival and the 501c3 “Friends of Hyalite” despite working full time at a day job with the Greater Yellowstone Coalition. Author of an upcoming “How to Ice Climb” book with Falcon Press, JoJo will share stories, films and images from his history in the Canadian Rockies, epicing up the longest ice routes in North America in the Yukon, to finding solace in 40 meter flows hidden in the House of Hyalite.