Carlos Buhler


Carlos is an elite mountaineer and a highly experienced management consultant, meeting facilitator and keynote speaker. In his climbing career, Carlos has amassed an international resume of legendary reputation. His extraordinary career has spanned a 35-year period of ascents of consistent achievement while emphasizing a purity of ethics that is recognized worldwide. Among his renowned first ascents in the Himalaya and Karakoram are routes on Everest, Changabang, Ama Dablam, Baruntse, Sepu Kangri, Kampur, Dorje Lhakpa and Milarepa. He has successfully scaled six of the world’s nine highest peaks, including the world’s three highest, Everest (via the first ascent of the Kangshung Face), K2 (via the North Ridge) and Kangchenjunga (via a new variation of the Northwest Face to North Ridge) where he made the first American ascent of this mountain. In the Western Hemisphere, he has established new routes and first ascents from Alaska’s Wrangell St. Elias to Chile’s Patagonia region: University Peak, Gunnar Naslund, Mt. Miller (Alaska), El Altar (Ecuador), Pucahirca Norte, Huascarán Sur, Siulá Grande, Quesillo, Pumasillo, Mellizos, Ausangate (Peru), and Cerro Castillo (Chile).

His extensive experience leading and participating with international climbing teams has given him unique perspectives into the delicate challenges of multicultural communication, leadership behavior and team interaction. Since 1985 he has presented to and consulted for a wide variety of organizations and businesses in which leadership roles are carefully crafted to create an environment that allows their different divisions to excel. Carlos’ leadership presentations and seminars utilize mesmerizing storytelling and dramatic photography to enhance the messages he communicates. His insights offer meaningful solutions and honest evaluations of risk versus opportunity among working units striving to transform themselves into high performance organizations. His seminars and facilitated meetings provide a fascinating context for effective leadership, international team cooperation, renewed personal inspiration, and compelling solutions for improved performance.

In volunteer work, Carlos serves on the board of the Gorkha Foundation, a nonprofit that spearheads educational and humanitarian initiatives to the Gorkha region of Nepal. He volunteered his time on the Ukraine/Poland border when Russia invaded Ukraine by washing dishes for World Central Kitchen and distributing meals for Siobahn’s Trust. Since then, he has created Heart of Ukraine, an action to bring together the interventional cardiology industry and various North American hospitals to support interventional cardiologists in Ukraine.