Ben Erdmann


Ben Erdmann is an avid Alpinist and an Industrial Rope Access IRATA/SPRAT Level 3, working with rigging systems as a passion and profession. His initial introduction to recreational climbing was through frozen waterfalls, seeding his pursuit of the cold and sheer wall. Migrating his year between the extreme poles of the Western Hemisphere, he winters in Patagonia and summers in Alaska where he continues to explore the remote walls of his beloved Kichatna Spires.

His ascents in Patagonia are marked by a continuous-movement style of Alpinism, the endurance pushes. With numerous successful summits of the FitzRoy and a recent first ascent in the quiet South Marconi region, his pursuit of learning the land and the life in Chalten continues.

In Alaska his curiosity of the Kichatnas and Patagonian climbing tactic application has resulted in teaming with close friend Jess Roskelley and Kris Szilas to establish a first ascent on the East face of the Citadel at VI AI5+ M6+ 5.10R A3 in 70 hours camp-to-camp. More recently he and Roskelley established a first ascent on the NE Face of Augustin in the unfrequented Trident Glacier region of the Kichatnas.

We are so excited to have CAMP/CASSIN, returning as a Michigan Ice Fest sponsor,  and sending Ben to the 2018 Fest!

My Mom will tell you when I was a kid I was constantly climbing, on everything. Born and raised in Colombia, in the middle of the central mountain range of the country, I started climbing mountains in my teens. I was captivated by the allure of adventure. In 2003 I moved to the USA and found myself completely addicted to Indian Creek and the Moab area, spending uncountable days climbing wide cracks and desert towers. My first visit to Ouray, I was stoked to experience vertical ice climbing and was immediately hooked. I love climbing mixed ice and alpine routes that drive me to intense focus and challenge. My passion lies in expedition climbing, exploring new mountains and trying to unlock the mystery of climbing new routes. Being out in the mountains, enjoying cool places with good friends is something I absolutely love, but I also love to come home and rock climb in the Black Canyon or go cragging with my dog Paco. Andres is being sent to Ice Fest by our good friends at Scarpa!