Ice Conditions Report 3-16-20

Lots of climbers were out this past weekend working on this social distancing thing and looking for climbable ice.  A mixed bag of conditions as many of the true waterfalls are not climbable, as is many of the climbs that are fully exposed to the sun.  Seeps tucked back in the woods are going strong as are the backcountry climbs not exposed to the sun.

The Chapel Beach area saw some more action and climbers found some pretty decent ice to climb.  It certainly is a long approach but worth it for those who want to put in the effort!

This time of year climbs can change overnight so it is best to have a flexible schedule if you are planning on coming up.  The Dryer Hose is unclimbable right now as is Giddy Up but look at the size of The Good, The Bad, The Ugly!

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly PC Jeremiah Gourd

Lakeshore Curtains PC Gina Lynn


Prelude Curtain

With spring conditions please be sure to take caution with all top outs as the top of the route will be the first part of the climb to deteriorate.


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