Ice Conditions Report 2-7-18

Photo by @wilkinsonvisual -
Dairyland 2-7-18        Photo by @wilkinsonvisual –

We couldn’t be more excited to announce that the predicted weather and current ice conditions could not be better for the upcoming Ice Fest week! Yesterday our good friend and amazing photographer went exploring and found many of the classics in prime condition and as fat as they have been in years.

Photo by @wilkinsonvisual -
The Curtain , Suck It UP    Photo by @wilkinsonvisual –

Many Ice Fest veterans, know that Ice Fest is a busy week and yes you won’t be able to climb some of the climbs along Sand Point Road due to classes and the Demo, but with these current conditions you don’t need to! Our staff highly recommends hitting the backcountry and hop on some of these beautiful formations, some of them that haven’t formed in years!

Photo by @wilkinsonvisual -
A Man and a Horse       Photo by @wilkinsonvisual –

A prime example would be this new route that Mike and Mad Dog found northeast of Giddy Up, looks super fun!  Or how about the one below?  How many times have you seen High Ho Silver form?  Well here is a new route to climbers right of High Ho Silver called Kemosabe.

Photo by @wilkinsonvisual -
Left formation is Hi Ho Silver, climber on Kemosabe       Photo by @wilkinsonvisual –

Grand Island is still accessible from public launch to the public landing on the Island.  DO NOT attempt to cross the East Channel as it is extremely dangerous to do so!

Thank you goes out to Mike Wilkinson for sending the amazing shots and for sharing some new features! So if you are having trouble locating climbs during Ice Fest, or may want to climb with a small intimate group, be sure to stop by Ice Fest headquarters so we can assist you in your plans to get out and explore more of what the area has to offer!