Ice Conditions Report 2-3-19 Grand Island!

West Shore Grand Island PC Colten Moore


Not all things with the Polar Vortex are bad!  With a week of extremely cold temperatures the big lake has frozen up enough to travel out to the West Shore climbs on Grand Island and that is exactly what the Michigan Ice Fest Guides did yesterday! Colten Moore, Nic Dobbs, Emily Gantner and Linda Wappner made separate excursions to the west shore and found excellent conditions!

PC Colten Moore

PC Colten Moore


Climbers can ski or snowmobile via the inland trail system or lake ice to access climbs on the West Shore.  As always Grand Island is accessible via public access launch to the dock on Grand Island.  The East Channel remains unsafe due to unstable lake ice.

PC Emily Gantner

This week we are in the final stages of planning for Ice Fest and it looks like our extended weather forecast is perfect for continuing to produce perfect ice conditions!

Just a friendly reminder that online registration is open until February 5th and will be closed on the 6th.  If you do not register online you can still join the fun by paying at the door (price will be increased to $75.00)