Ice Conditions Report 12-19-16


Lots of snow and fierce winds greeted climbers for another fine weekend of early season climbing over at Pictured Rocks!  John and Angela Miller reported good climbing along the Lakeshore trail between Intersection Falls and Sweet Mother Moses.  SMM is not formed yet (not even close) but Giddy Up is almost touching down.



John Miller on  No Boundaries
John Miller on
No Boundaries



This weekend MIF Guide Colten Moore, Erik Olsen and Dave Hixenbaugh did the epic ski back into HMR to score the seasons first ascent of this PR Classic!  This year logging operations have stopped which has added on some mileage to this already long approach.

To access this area (Grand Portal Point), you park at the Chapel/Mosquito beach trailhead. Unlke the past few years, the road is no longer plowed so you have to drive down Chapel Road until this plowing stops. Then ski or hike to the trailhead and follow the signs. It is 2.5 miles just to get to the trailhead and another 4.5 miles to get to this climb.



Close to 15 miles round trip of skiing but the reward is significant. With 30 mile an hour winds, massive waves crashing at your feet, this amazing climb is the payoff for the effort of the approach.  Congrats boys on a great opening season climb!



Looks like our six day forecast is continuing to be positive for building ice.  Please share and look for another conditions report early next week!