Ice Conditions Report 1-10-22





Be This weekend saw light traffic in the park but those who ventured out we treated to excellent conditions throughout the park. Currently most climbs are in with the exception of Giddy Up and Midnight Rambler but with our current weather coinditions that might have changed!  Sunday Munising experienced gale winds which has caused drifting snow.  If you are planning on heading to the back country this week you may encounter heavy drifting and snowshoes may be required if you are the first to hit the trail. Not wanting to battle the long approaches?  Lake Superior Ice Caves Tours is running shuttles out the the Miners Area.  Check them out here


Michigan Ice Fest Guide Tip: If there is blowing snow and extreme wind chills like we had Sunday, a good area choice would be to head where there are bowls to protect from the wind.  Twin Fall is one on the most protective climbs from the elements.  A couple notes: check the parking lot for climbers cars before heading in as it is a 10 minute walk and would be a bummer to see another party beat you to the climbs.  Also, a portion of the approach travels along the nordic ski trail. PLEASE do not walk on the groomed trail.  The Park Service spends valuable time and money to groom these trails for skiers and we appreciate the hard work they do.





Check out this six day forecast!  Hoping that these tempratures will start freezing the lake so that by February we may be able to head out to Grand Island!



Be sure to check our website of social media channels for the latest ice conditions reports. If your group need to rent gear Down Wind Sports in Munising offers Ice Gear rentals and are open 7 days a week.  Check out the rental details here!

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