Ice Conditions Report 04-10-23

We’re hanging in there!

The last week has brought a big change to the weather. It’s definitely more springlike than it was last winter with many of the more exposed climbs taking a beating in the warm temps.

The seeps are still holding up and, while they will be wet, should be climbable for a while longer but will continue to deteriorate with overnight temps not getting below freezing for a few days. Any of the climbs out on the Lakeshore that see the sun should be approached with extreme caution. Many have likely fallen and the others won’t last long. An exception to this may be HMR, which was in particularly fat shape at the end of last week.

The snow in the park is still pretty deep in places and is getting really soft, so be prepared for slog.

As always, check by the store for the most current conditions. We’re winding down and all of the beautiful ice is melting back into Lake Superior, so if you want some last swings don’t wait!

Weather and ice conditions can change hourly and what may appear to be “good conditions” to one climber may not be so to another. Please remember that just because a conditions report says that a particular climb is “in”, each individual is ultimately responsible for making his/her own climbing decisions.

At Michigan Ice we take pride in being your go to site for current ice climbing conditions for Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore as well as climbs throughout the Upper Peninsula. Planning a trip to Pictured Rocks? We have you covered for all the latest snow and ice conditions on all of your favorite climbs.

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