Backcountry Adventure


This class is designed to introduce the intermediate ice climber to some of the back country formations along Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. Students will review proper use of gear and equipment and will be shown different techniques and when to use them. Upon entering this class the student must have knowledge of the basic gear and techniques, including rappelling, associated with ice climbing.

This is our most popular Backcountry class and we offer multiple sessions every day at different locations.  To help groups make sure they are in the same session, we have listed each class by their location.  All of these classes have the same curriculum, just a different venue. We may end needing adjust the specific climb due to ice conditions.

Boots, crampons and tools are provided for the class. If you plan on climbing outside of your class, you will need to pay the demo fee when you register.

Class is limited to 7 participants.

$285 per person