Introduction to Ice Climbing


Designed for a person that is brand new to ice climbing.

What better way to shorten your learning curve and learn proper ice climbing technique then to take a class from one of our professional instructors!  Learn equipment selection, tool placement, stance, and ice climbing technique in this fun supportive clinic.

This is our most popular class and we offer multiple sessions every day at different locations.  To help groups make sure they are in the same session, we have listed each class by their location.  All of these classes have the same curriculum, just a different venue.

Boots, crampons and tools are provided for the class. If you plan on climbing outside of your class, you will need to pay the demo fee when you register.

Class is limited to 9 participants and with two routes selected there is sure to be plenty of climb time.   Space is limited for this course.

$160 per person.