Belay Techniques


This session is geared towards newer ice climbers and will introduce attendees to the use and basic
understanding of belaying in a top rope managed system. This is an introductory session and will focus
on the fundamentals of belaying. During this non-climbing, informative session, attendees will be
exposed to:
*Standard Belay Practices 
*Belay Equipment 
It will allow the attendee to increase their knowledge base on the usage, safety, and efficiency
of these techniques.
This will be a non-climbing session.
Gear recommended: 
*Climbing harness 
*Gri Gri and/or Aperture-style belay device with guide feature (ex. BD ATC Guide)

This will be a non-climbing class and no gear will be required

Participation is limited to 8 people and preregistration is required