Basic Self Rescue


From Ascending to Site safety!
Climbing along the backcountry of Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore requires a certain set of skills. Discuss site safety, radio use, safety tethers and other skills.  During this half day course participants will learn the different methods on how to safely ascend a rope, and set up haul systems. 

This session will introduce attendees to a basic understanding of ascending a rope on an ice climb.  This is an introductory session and will focus on the fundamentals of rope ascension. During this informative session, attendees with be exposed to:

  • The importance of rope ascension in a climbing environment 
  • Equipment used for rope ascension.
  • Ascension techniques 

This session will allow the attendee to increase their knowledge base on the usage, safety, and efficiency of these techniques. Session content will vary based on the participant’s knowledge.

Recommended Gear:

  • Climbing harness 
  • Two locking carabiners
  • Third-hand cordelette/hollow block
  • Rope Ascension Device (ex. Petzl Basic)
  • 120cm Climbing Rated Sling
  • Gri Gri style belay device

If you cannot bring your own gear, we will have a limited supply for use during the session.

Participation is limited to 8 people and preregistration is required.

This will be a non-climbing class and no gear will be required, but bringing a harness will help you participate in any demonstrations.

Participation is limited to 8 people and preregistration is required.