Mixed Climbing


Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore does not have rock that is conducive to mixed climbing…in fact it’s illegal to do so.  That’s why we are headed west for this mixed climbing course!  A newly established crag in the Marquette area will be the setting for this introduction to mixed climbing.  Learn the essential techniques for transitioning from ice climbing to mixed climbing. Mixed climbing is ascending ice and rock, using techniques from both disciplines. Prior ice climbing is highly recommended.

Participants will be required to car pool 44 miles west for this course. Transportation will not be provided.

Boots, crampons and tools are provided for the class. If you plan on climbing outside of your class, you will need to pay the demo fee when you register.

Class is limited to 9 participants and with two routes selected there is sure to be plenty of climb time.   Space is limited for this course.

$325 per person.