Master Anchoring


Ice climbers face various anchoring challenges in which they often need to construct an anchor in less than ideal places on the cliff, and their anchors can potentially be subjected to the highest forces and loads a climbing team can create.  For this reason, ice anchors require sound fundamentals, creativity, and a more sophisticated approach to the anchoring challenge.

By the end of this course, you will feel increasingly comfortable about venturing out on your own on ice climbs, and be able to make effective choices about belay stances, build safe & efficient top rope anchors, lower climbers and top belay out. We will also cover:

  • Advanced Ice Techniques
  • Ice Screw Placements & Anchoring
  • V Threads & Multi-Point Anchors
  • Mechanical Advantage for Climber Assist
  • Belaying off the Anchor

Boots, crampons and tools are provided for the class. If you plan on climbing outside of your class, you will need to pay the demo fee when you register.

Class is limited to 9 participants

$160 per person.