What’s New- Scarpa Phantom 6000 HD

The Michigan Ice Fest has always been a place where climbers can come and get a first look at the most innovative new climbing products on the market.

Here’s a look at the latest greatest gear in ice climbing and beyond for the 2023 season! Remember when you sign up for the Michigan Ice Fest you can get 20% off your purchases at Down Wind Sports at the event or pre event over at www.shopdownwindsports.com

Today we feature the Scarpa Phantom 6000 HD

There are boots that can make it up a peak, and then there are boots that are made for the job. The SCARPA Phantom 6000 falls into the latter category. As a lightweight, trimmed-down version of the Phantom 8000L HD, this mountaineering boot is perfect for high altitude peaks up to 6000 meters in elevation. Redesigned to tell a more sustainable story, we used more environmentally-friendly materials while still offering the same great performance you know and love from our mountaineering boots. With a fully waterproof shell and mid-calf gaiter, the Phantom 6000 can keep out even the heaviest of storms. The PrimaLoft synthetic insulation lining on the inner boot wraps your feet in a warm shell, no matter how fast the temps drop. And with a lightweight Vibram Precision Tech Roll sole with a shock-absorbing midsole, you’ll feel fresh no matter how many steps it takes to get to the top.