What’s New- La Sportiva G Tech

The Michigan Ice Fest has always been a place where climbers can come and get a first look at the most innovative new climbing products on the market.

Here’s a look at the latest greatest gear in ice climbing and beyond for the 2023 season! Remember when you sign up for the Michigan Ice Fest you can get 20% off your purchases at Down Wind Sports at the event or pre event over at www.shopdownwindsports.com

Today we feature the La Sportiva G Tech


Achieving equilibrium between technical performance and the demands for modern alpinists and mountaineers is a perpetual challenge. The state-of-the-art G-Tech orchestrates a perfect blend of ultralight construction, durable materials, superlative comfort, and elite performance for technical ice climbing and moving fast in the mountains. G-Tech is ideal for modern ice and mixed climbing, and high mountains. Incredibly light, G-Tech raises the standards for ice and mixed climbing by combining precision and comfort in an ultra-performance product.