What’s New- Blue Ice Alpine Slings

The Michigan Ice Fest has always been a place where climbers can come and get a first look at the most innovative new climbing products on the market.

Here’s a look at the latest greatest gear in ice climbing and beyond for the 2023 season! Remember when you sign up for the Michigan Ice Fest you can get 20% off your purchases at Down Wind Sports at the event or pre event over at www.shopdownwindsports.com

Today we feature Blue Ice Alpine Slings!

The Blue Ice Alpine Runners are designed for multi-pitch or alpine climbing. They are not intended to replace single strand slings with one loop, but to provide easier-to-handle solutions in alpine conditions. It’s single strand design greatly improve it’s carry ability and ease of use in comparison to a close loop sling.

Blue Ice Alpine Runners are simply a coil of ultra-high tenacity yarn that is dressed up with two protective sheaths and covered with a single braided sheath. The Alpine Runners create a strong link that doesn’t rely on any stitching for strength. They come in four different lengths that are also color-coded for even easy identification. The 35 cm and 55 cm slings are ideal to use as extendable quickdraws. Being single strand makes them easier to handle when folding and unfolding, so they are quick to set up or stow away again on your harness. The longer ones, with 90 cm and 110 cm length, are perfect to build equalized anchors. With two independent end loops, you can have two carabiners preset with the runners or adapt the sling how you like.