There is a stoke in the air!

Did anyone else feel the energy amped up a bit? Of course you did, cause we just confirmed Will Gadd will be attending Ice Fest!

Unscripted and visionary, Will grew up free range in the Canadian Rockies. At the age of eight, Will climbed his first big peak and never looked back. With monumental ideas and rather practical execution, Will has won gold medals in rock, ice and mixed climbing, set world records and climbed objectives that may never be repeated again. Will’s boundless fascination with calculated risk has made him a voice of reason in the most unreasonable way. As a father of two, an Association of Canadian Mountain Guides alpine guide, a Canadian Sports Hall of Famer and a United Nations Mountain Hero, Will keeps his life full with a constant stream of adventure.

You aren’t going to want to miss this one. Big shout out to Arc Teryx for send Will this year!