The Beer and Band Have Been Selected For Our After Party!

We are really getting stoked!  Ice fest 2019 is shaping up to be our best ever and it’s looking like it’s going to be the climbing event of the year for the midwest.

There’s really nothing we like more after a long day of climbing than to relax with our friends and enjoy a beer. Even better if it’s a good beer, and even better than that if it’s a good local beer!  This year we have once again connected with the Ore Dock Brewing Company from just up the road in Marquette.  They love the U.P. as much as we do and were really excited to be involved with Ice Fest.

We put our thinking (drinking?) caps on and came up with three special, Ice Fest only, beers to give away at our climber’s after parties.  We loved it so much we had some stickers made to celebrate.

Make sure you grab a brew, a sticker, and say hello and thank you to the guys from the Ore Dock!




Saturday 387 will be closing down for the 2019 Michigan Ice Fest and we will be taking over the building! Ice Fest participants will have access to the entire building providing plenty of room for everyone. Once again we will have free beer from the Ore Dock (while supplies last) and, YES, a band and dancing!

This year we are excited to have Grand Rapids own Fauxgrass preforming Saturday night.

The Fauxgrass approach to music, original and traditional, has quickly landed them a place in the progressive bluegrass community since their 2011 inception. With a fresh, playful, and heart-felt approach to structure Fauxgrass performances flow between genres with unique instrumental communication. The current members consist of Hayes Griffin (guitar), Timothy McKay (bass), Jason Wheeler (mandolin), and Jeffery Niemeier (fiddle). They have toured extensively through the mid-west, Colorado, and northeast coast, as well as establishing themselves as a regular presence in the Michigan music scene. They are continuing to build momentum as their unique songwriting and fun performances find enthusiastic reception around the region. Their creative approach to a familiar musical style is a breath of fresh air, and something worth experiencing for the acoustic music lover.