Sue Nott Scholarship Winners Announced!

For two years Sue Nott was an instructor for the Michigan Ice Fest teaching our women’s courses.  Unfortunately, Sue was killed while attempting the Infinite Spur on Mt. Foraker in Alaska.   In honor of Sue, Down Wind Sports has created the Sue Nott Scholarship Fund.  The purpose of the scholarship is to promote, inspire, and introduce young females to the sport of ice climbing. Two scholarships will be awarded this year for females age 9-17 years old.  The scholarship will include admission to the ice fest, instruction in the women’s course, as well as some other surprises!

A record number of girls applied this year and the selection committee had a difficult time narrowing the field down to two.  This year we are proud to announce that the scholarships have been awarded to Sommer Edwards and Izabella Tancredi.  The girls had to submit a one page written letter explaining why they are interested in ice climbing, a copy of their recent report card, and a letter of support from someone other then their parents.  We are confident that both  Izabella and Sommer will do a fantastic job at Ice Fest!  Congratulations Ladies!