Sterling Ropes Rock!

We really could not organize the Ice Fest without Sterling Ropes…….really.  Thanks to Sterling, the demo area is where many Midwest climbers have gotten their first ice climbing experience.  Why do we use their ropes?  We feel they are some of the best rope in the industry AND they are super durable- perfect for our demo site!   John Branagan of Sterling has also informed us that they are hooking us up with an Ion 9.4 60 meter Dry Rope to give out at Saturday evenings raffle!  Sterling representative Mark Wilford will be instructing and hanging out at the socials all weekend long and can answer any questions on Sterling Ropes.   Thanks so much to Sterling for all of your support!

The Ion2 is the largest diameter rope in the fusion range. It’s unique design is manufactured by first twisting multiple colored fibers into a single sheath-strand and then braiding the sheath to create the speckled pattern. It’s diameter is a great size for intermediate climbers looking to match a lightweight rope with performance while knowing that the diameter isn’t TOO thin for a beginner belayer.

For over sixteen years now, Sterling Rope has been designing and manufacturing the highest quality, most technically advanced rope and cord for climbing. Our ropes for climbing and outdoor are designed for their specific purpose and as such we offer a broad range of great ropes from which to choose. Sterling ropes are made to perform extraordinarily well in all conditions due to our unique DryCore™ and Better Braid Technology™. These processes give you incredibly durable ropes that are smaller in diameter, lighter, and better handling, as well as dry cores, designed to keep moisture out and performance up.

Sterling Rope spent years researching and testing various solutions and treatment processes. We developed a process, using our own proprietary coating, that greatly improves dry treatment of rope. Studies have shown that wet ropes are more difficult to handle and their dynamic performance is drastically reduced. Our dry treated ropes provide an additional safety factor for alpinists, especially on ice, mixed ground and in winter. Protecting the rope from water absorption eliminates weight increase, risk of freezing in cold weather, and slows the wearing of the rope considerably.

In conventional ropes, it is usually only the sheath fibers that are dry-treated. Sterling Dry Ropes not only have a superior coating on the sheath, but also have DryCore standard on all its cores, reducing the ropes natural inclination to absorb moisture to greater levels. Sterling’s Arid system ensures a more effective and durable water resistance, while improving handling, resistance to friction, dirt, and durability.

Don’t forget we will have a full selection of Sterling Ropes at Ice Fest Headquarters at special pricing so you can take one home to send your next project!  Check out all of the fantastic product that Sterling produces by clicking here!