Somethings Never Change


Aaron Peterson of Clear & Cold Cinema, was asking the other day for some vintage photos of ice climbing in Munising.  I started digging through the boxes of photos and found a few of my climbing partner and Ice Fest fixture Arni Ronis.  Pretty stoked to see some of these as it brought back lots of good memories of exploring in the “olden days” in and around Munising.  I looked at the photos a bit closer and I’ll be damn- some things have changed, and obviously some things have not.  First of all the thing that stuck out the most is that Arni is greyer and heavier.  What might not be so obvious is that what hasn’t changed is that damn 1980’s orange helmet.

Let’s play a game. Which is older, Arni’s helmet or?


  1. The internet
  2. Milli Vanilli’s Grammy award
  3. Nintendo’s Gameboy
  4. The year the first GPS Satellite went into orbit
  5. Selena Gomez
  6. The year Chouinard Equipment became Black Diamond Equipment

If you answered Arni’s helmet to all of the above you are correct! Feeling quite sorry for the old dude, I put a the notice out “can any of you help a brother out?” Low and behold our title sponsor Black Diamond has come to the rescue and are hooking Arni up with a new lid.   So if you see Arni running around the demo site, be sure to compliment him on his equipment upgrade. This new lid should last him until 2046!