Salewa Pro Gaiter Review


Ahh winter is here, the cold winds are blowing and the ice is forming.  Ice season is finally here and it is fantastic this year, by far the best I have seen since I started climbing years ago.  Temperatures are finally warming up as well, it’s a scorching -8 degrees Fahrenheit today.  Luckily this season I picked up my very own pair of Salewa Pro Gaiter ice boots.  These boots are awesome; warm, comfortable, light, and customizable for the hike in and the climb you’re searching out.  We may live in Michigan and we may have shorter routes then those boys and girls on the eastern and western parts of the country but our climbs are steep, technical, and good ole Lake Superior loves to attack with fierce cold winds and lots of the white stuff.


These boots have really saved my feet this year.  The cold temps have been beating us down since early December and if we want to climb we have to go out in the single digits or below.  The extra insulation on the Salewa Pro Gaiter has been a blessing this year, keeping the toes moving and happy as can be.  The long hikes have also been made easier thanks to Salewa’s unique climb/walk mode.  Now the two to three hour hikes into Pictured Rocks are easier and much more comfortable.  The flexing sole in walk mode helps to keep my feet from cramping on the long hikes and when it’s time to go up…. I turn the boots to climb mode and ascend the amazing features in front of me.


Tomorrow I hop in the car and head to Ouray, CO to attend the Ouray Ice Festival and of course my new kicks are coming with me.  It’s going to be a weekend filled with climbing, laughing, and adventure.  I am ecstatic to finally attend the event and can’t wait to climb hard with my new favorite piece of gear.

Don’t forget to check out these boots at our very own 2014 Michigan Ice Fest.  We will have both the Salewa Pro Gaiter and the Pro Guide on hand to test, abuse, and certainly surprise everyone with how amazing these boots really are.  Hope to see you at the Michigan Ice Festival and maybe you’ll catch a glimpse of me out at Ouray…. I’ll be the one hooting and hollering in excitement.

Nic Dobbs