Remote Route Challenge!

Time to get your team together for Ice Fest 2023!

The idea for Michigan Ice Fest Remote Route Challenge is to see who can get deepest into the depths of the ice climbing in the Upper Peninsula. There is a lot of ice out there, but so much of it doesn’t see much traffic, the challenge is here!

Here’s how it works:

ALL climbers are required to be at headquarters at 6am on Saturday for the official start and final instruction. Each 2 person team will be given a score card with a tick list of climbs found throughout the area that have each been assigned a number of points.

Go climb. Choose climbs from the score card and try to rack up as many points as you can. More remote climbs will be worth more points, but may take longer to get too, so strategy is key. Climbs do not need to be led, but should be climbed in a clean style with no falls or hanging.

Climbers can turn in their completed score card at Ice Fest Headquarters any time before 6pm. No late cards will be accepted. 6:01 is too late.

The winners will be announced at the Saturday evening presentations!

We ask that all climbers participating in the challenge compete with respect and honor. Cheating is disrespectful to climbing. Have fun, push yourself, but please do not cheat. The winning team may be asked to verify their climbs so please document each climb you complete with photos. We prefer phone photos as most of them are geo tagged with a location.

We cannot stress enough that safety is of utmost importance. Stay hydrated and fueled. Double, triple, and quadruple check each other’s knots, belays, and systems.

Here’s what you win:

Every person who participates will get an official 2023 Remote Route Challenge souvenir. Competing is the only way to get one. They will be handed out when you return your score card.

Winners will get their name on the coveted Remote Route Challenge trophy (think Stanley Cup, only cooler). Your efforts will live in infamy on display at the Ice Fest Headquarters. Plus, winners will get a prize package from our sponsors.