Night Climbing Hungarian Falls

One advantage of working up in Houghton is being able to hop on ice 20 minutes after leaving the shop!  Last night Arni, Ross, Matt and I headed out to Hungarian Falls in Hubble Michigan.  Upper Hungarian Falls,  is situated in a beautiful hardwood forest, and drops about 25 feet over a wall of red stone.

Downstream is the Lower Hungarian Falls, the most spectacular of all the falls, which drops 50 foot-plus through the thick forest.  While most of the Midwest is thin on ice this year, the Keweenaw Peninsula seems to be one of the places where you can count on snow and ice!

Climbing ice at night usually elicits a strange response from most people I know but really is not much more difficult than climbing during the day. All that really matters-the five feet above you and the five feet below you- is illuminated by your headlamp.

Last night the conditions were superb on the lower falls and we spent the evening running laps on the hero ice.  We’ll be checking the ice in Munising this weekend….check back for a conditions report!