Night Climbing and Conditions Report 1-6-11

What do you do when you are psyched to go climbing but you have to work?  You go night climbing!  After work we headed to Munising last night to get in a few routes.  The short approach and easy set up at Window Waltz made this climb the perfect choice for a late night climb.  Usually bullet hard, we were surprised to find the climb dripping wet providing super tool placements.

Munising Conditions: Even with our warm conditions over the new year there is still ice to be climbed.  The warm temperatures have delayed the forming of the true waterfalls but have actually helped the seeps to grow larger.  Memorial Falls is still standing but has a hole near the bottom.  Over at Twin Falls the left Twin is in but small. The right Twin is formed but is open near the bottom.  Window Waltz is in and growing! (See Photos)  There is a real lack of snow which has made the approach to the climbs very easy- (this is expected to change as a storm is expected to dump 5-6 inches of snow on Munising tonight).

Just because the days are short and it may be dark when you get out of work- go grab a headlamp and give your favorite winter activity a shot after hours!