New Tools! Black Diamond Vipers get an update

Sometimes it’s nice to have a piece of gear that just does it all. The newly redesigned Viper Ice Tool from Black Diamond is just that that piece of gear. Cruiser WI 2 routes like Sunny Day? Got it. Hard, steep ice like HMR? Done.  Pictured Rocks? No problem. Long climbs in the mountains? Of course!

Black Diamond rep Jon Jugenheimer testing out the newly redesigned Viper

The viper is a one tool quiver that is durable and easy to swing.  The full length hyrdoformed shaft is rigid and responsive without being heavy and the included Titan Pick makes it a rugged tool when you’re enjoying some rock with your ice.  You can easily switch between a hammer and adze if the need arises thanks to a modular head. One of the coolest new features is the easy to adjust, flick lock upper pommel.  It allows you move your upper hand position along the shaft to suit your climbing, lending to the versatility of the viper.

We’ll have them available for demo and purchase at the festival this year so make sure you give them a try.