New Nomics and Ergonomics From Petzl!

Bill and Arni just spent 5 days playing with the new Nomics and Ergonomics in Ouray and we are pretty impressed by the way they swing.  Want to find out for yourself?  Petzl are generously sending a demo fleet for Ice Fest participants to try.  We will also be sending out sets on Karsten Delaps Curtains to Lakeshore class and with Andres Marin’s Mixed Climbing class!

What’s New With The Nomics?

This year’s updates include a new stainless-steel spike on lower pommel. We particularly liked the upgraded lower handle design with improved ergonomics. The upper handle has over-molded rubber grip, and the finger rest is raised 1.5 cm and reinforced. The shaft is also improved as it is constructed with a hydroformed shaft which is stronger and improves the grip. The new nylon head insert is also 50 percent stronger. An ice climbers tool of choice for years, with the latest improvements this tool sets the standard for pur ice climbing.

What’s New With The Ergonomics?

The Petzl Ergonomic is a hybrid between the old Petzl Ergo and the old Nomic, leaning closer to the Nomic side of the blend. As with the Nomic, the Ergonomic has the new grip design which optimizes hang time, the hydroformed shaft for better high grip and the new nylon head insert.  The Ergonomic ice axe is the perfect machine for steep ice and for dry tooling.


Be sure to stop by the Petzl booth at Ice Fest Headquarters and check these tools out!