Mountain Hardwear- Tim Emmett Athlete Profile


We are grateful to Gold Level Sponsor Mounain Hardwear for sending Tim Emmett to this years Michigan Ice Fest.  Here is a look at what we can expect!

Tim is famous for his infectious enthusiasm. One of the UK’s climbing elite, Tim is as happy on rock as ice; his versatility has seen him finish within the top 10 at the 2002 World Ice Climbing Championships as well as completing a series of hard ice routes, classic Alpine routes and notorious Scottish winter routes. In 2012, Tim completed the hardest ice climb in the world in Helmcken Falls, Canada. Always with an eye on something new, Tim has put up new routes as far a field as Mongolia, Cuba and Sri Lanka, a true pioneer of DWS (Deep Water Soloing) with trips to Vietnam and Thailand as well as venues closer to home in Europe. Tim is a published author, popular international speaker, and an accomplished wingsuit pilot.


  • Primary Sport:
    Climbing – Rock, Ice and Para Alpinism
  • Specialties within your sport:
    Ice, Mixed and Deep Water Soloing
  • Other hobbies or sports:
    Wingsuit BASE, Running, Mountain Biking, Kite surfing, Surfing, Skeleton, Muay Thai
  • My favorite Mountain Hardwear products:
    Warlow Pants, Desna Pullover, Zonal Jacket
  • How were you introduced to your sport?
    At school when I was 15, I had the chance to go climbing for the afternoon. I loved it, and have been drawn to it ever since. I had no idea that it would take over my life in the way that it has done.
  • What inspires you?
    Things that I haven’t done before.
  • Which athletes or other individuals have been your biggest source of inspiration?
    Ueli Steck, Dean Potter and Alex Honnold in the current climbing era. Laird Hamilton (Pioneer big wave surfer), William Trubridge (world record free diver) and Yves Rossi (Jetman)!
  • What advice would you give to newcomers to climbing today?
    Go out and have fun. Make the most of your opportunities and go and seek out adventure. It can be very rewarding!
  • What the first thing you look forward to doing after a long expedition/ race?
    Seeing my wife!
  • Do you have any pre-competition rituals?
    Shut my eyes, relax, breathe and smile
  • In 10 years I hope to be…
    Still alive, still getting after it and inspiring others to do the same!
  • Six-word bio – In exactly six words summarize yourself
    “Drive fast, take chances, feel alive”
  • What music gets you fired up?
    Fat bass lines and big beats


  • “Spray On Top” 1st Asc – Hardest Ice Climb in the World 2012 – WI 10,WI 10,WI 9+,M6+,M8,M7,M9+, M6,M6 230m
  • “Muy Caliente!” E10 6c, 1st Asc – 5.13d RX
  • “Usual Suspects” E9 7a, 1st Asc – Hardest multi pitch Trad climb in the UK 2010
  • “One Inch Punch” 5.14a 1st, Asc – Hardest route in the Caribbean
  • “Spicy Times” 5.13R – 1st Asc – Hardest Deep Water Solo in the Caribbean
  • “Chicama” E9 6c 1st Asc 5.13c RX
  • First BASE jump off ‘Old Man Of Hoy’ 2009
  • First BASE jump off Naranjo Des Bulnes in Picos des Europa 2005
  • Kedar Dome 6984M South East Face 1st free Asc – Nominated for Piolet D’or 2006


  • TV Globo (Brazil) – Interview and profile (Christmas Day 2011)
  • BBC1 – The Great British Countryside March, 2012
  • BBC 2 Scotland – Live Broadcast in HD, 6 ½ Hrs, 2010
  • BBC 2 Scotland – 5 climbs, 5 Islands series, 2 Hrs, 2010
  • BBC West News – 5 Minutes, 2010
  • BBC 2 – Children’s Television, celebrity guest, 1 HR
  • Range Rover Advert – International and UK campaign, before Indiana Jones and the Quantum Of Solace the new Bond film at cinemas across the country 2009
  • 2 Years sponsorship with Audi 06 – 08, made 3 TV programs for Audi Channel
  • BBC 2 – Top Gear – repeated at least 21 times in the UK, 2006
  • BBC 1 Ultimate Rock Climb – Repeated on BBC 2, 2007
  • BBC 1 West – Inside Out – 10 mins – Tim and his wingsuit flying
  • HTV West News – BASE jumping Cheddar Gorge
  • HTV West News – 1st BASE jump off Old Man of Hoy, Scotland
  • “The Fine Line” – A 16mm Avalanche Education Film