Michigan Ice Fest Scholarships Available

The Michigan Ice Fest was founded on building a strong ice climbing community. Over the years we have developed a couple of scholarship programs that help us to continue our history of helping to foster the growth of our community. Our ice climbing scholarships are essential for several reasons. Firstly, the Sue Nott Scholarship remembers one of our longtime instructors and friend Sue Nott. This scholarship provides an opportunity for young females to be introduced to this amazing sport. Our Heartland Grant is our way of encouraging Midwest climbers to pursue their dreams and aspirations. Finally, by offering these scholarships, we encourage a deeper appreciation of the natural world and conservation efforts, as ice climbers often become advocates for the fragile environments they explore, contributing to a more sustainable and responsible approach to this unique outdoor activity.

Building a strong, healthy community starts from the ground up and takes time and effort.  That’s why we offer the Sue Nott Scholarship to help us develop the next generation of ice climbers. For two years Sue Nott was an instructor for the Michigan Ice Fest teaching our women’s courses. Unfortunately, Sue was killed while attempting the Infinite Spur on Mt. Foraker in Alaska. In honor of Sue, Down Wind Sports has created the Sue Nott Scholarship Fund. The purpose of the scholarship is to promote, inspire, and introduce young females to the sport of ice climbing. One scholarship will be awarded every year for females age 9-17 years old. The scholarship will include admission to the ice fest, instruction in the women’s course, as well as some other surprises!

The Heartland Grant is designed to help Midwest climbers and weekend warriors chase their ice climbing dreams.  Our community is rich with dreamers and extraordinary climbers and it’s time we foster that. We’ll be giving out $1,000 in cash to make those dreams reality.  We think you can do great things, prove us right.