Michigan Ice Fest 2014 Lineup Starting To Take Shape!

Just got word that Gold sponsor Black Diamond has signed Pete Tapley to present and instruct at this years fest!  Look for a more detailed bio for Pete coming soon!


Pete offers a unique blend of skills that cover not only all aspects of mountain life, but also a distinctive and highly effective teaching style, honed over two decades of experience.  He’s taught climbers of all ages and ability levels and has an impeccable safety record.
His talents extend well beyond the climbing world, yet dovetail perfectly as he documents his adventures through creative and original writing, video shorts and still imagery.  His published works have been featured in Alpinist, Backcountry and Climberism Magazine, among others.
Blending these interests, Tapley is frequently found at various climbing festivals and trade show events, as well as throughout the pages of popular climbing periodicals and marketing materials.