Metanoia Screening

jeff lowes metanoia

METANOIA Mather Auditorium Friday 7pm

Jeff Lowe’s Metanoia explores the life and climbs of legendary alpinist, Jeff Lowe. In 1958 at the age of 7 he was the youngest person to climb the Grand Teton with his father, Ralph and older brother, Greg. Jeff became the most talented technical climber of his generation. For 40 years he practiced living in the present moment on some of the most beautiful rock faces in the world, from the Wasatch Mountains and big walls of Zion National Park in Utah to the Swiss Alps and on to the great Himalayan peaks. For the past decade Jeff has suffered from a relentlessly progressive neurological deterioration for which the doctors have no name. As he gets into his adapted van from his wheelchair, Jeff now moves with the same precision and attention to detail as he used to climb.

Jeff Lowe’s “unimaginable climb” up the notorious North Face of the Eiger in 1991 is the hub of this biographical documentary. Acclaimed NY Times best selling author, Jon Krakauer, was the photographer for Jeff’s famed 1st ascent. Jon will narrate the greater, more compelling story behind that climb and what lies beneath Jeff’s high adventure lifestyle.

The indomitable spirit that brought Jeff Lowe through countless challenges in the mountains, finds new expression far from the vertical arena. Lowe’s characteristic composure and resilience remain intact. In particular, the lessons from his 1991 solo Eiger ascent are still with him in his wheelchair today. Twenty years have passed. Jeff’s extraordinary first ascent – Metanoia – has never been repeated. American and international audiences are about to discover one man’s extraordinary grand circle that is completed in the shadows of the Wasatch Mountains of Utah.

METANOIA Friday February 17th 7pm Mather Auditorium- A Skype Conversation with Jeff and Connie following the film