March Ice

While the temperatures climbed into the upper 50’s, across the East Channel we could hear huge pillars crashing into Lake Superior.  Fortunately the mainland stays somewhat protected from the sun and hidden climbs are still climbable.  We cruised the lakeshore trail scouting climbs and found that most of the 20 plus inches of snow last week has melted and there is no hope of climbing any true waterfall.  It looks like for the rest of the season we will be climbing seeps!

Tucked away in the sandstone bowls along the lakeshore, many climbs are still in and thick with hero ice.  Between the soft ice and the warm temperatures the climbing could not have be more pleasurable!

Looks like at least another week of good ice climbing if folks are still looking to get after it.  Be sure to call the store (906-226-7112) before heading out for an up to date conditions report.