Just Added! Rigging and Rescue Clinic With Ben Erdmann

Photo credit AlpineEndeavors
We are very fortunate to have a deverse group of instructors this year and Ben Erdmann has offered to instruct a Rigging and Rescue clinic!  Make sure you take advantage of this interesting and informational clinic.
While none of us plan on getting hurt while climbing, it is important to plan and practice what to do in the event it happens. In this clinic we will cover basics for high-angle rescue that are applicable to many of the ice climbs we find in the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore area. A number of the falls require the climber to rappel in and climb out, in the event of an injury or bad conditions making ascent difficult, it is required that the person is either hauled out or is able to ascend the ropes to reach the top.
Some of the techniques and concepts we will cover:
-scene size-up and patient handling
-rigging of a mechanical advantage system for hauling a casualty
We will focus on a minimalistic approach to the equipment used. The gear and techniques will form the foundation for rigging and rescue in glacier travel and more complex multi-pitch rescues.
While its a serious subject, we are certainly going to have plenty of fun!  To sign up please call 906-226-7112