Angela Limbach


Angela is a Wisconsin native and current member of the US Ice Climbing Team, who will be competing in her fourth Ice Climbing World Cup season this year. She loves representing her country at world cups, but was most proud to represent midwest ice climbers at the 2021 Ouray Mixed Competition, taking home the silver medal.  Although she competes around the country and abroad, and has traveled to climb ice in the American west and Canadian Rockies, her roots in ice climbing remain in the midwest. Angela’s first ice climb was Sweet Mother Moses on a typical -20F January day in Munising, MI. Climbing on borrowed gear and cobbled together winter clothing, she made it halfway up before experiencing another first that day- the screaming barfies. Somehow she pulled it together and was hooked from then on. She continued to ice climb recreationally throughout college, putting far more energy and time into rock. It wasn’t until later that she started pursuing ice climbing more passionately and took up competition ice climbing after being nudged to try it by a friend. She found she loved the movement style and unforgiving precision required in dry tooling and since then has been striving to up her game on all mediums requiring ice tools and crampons. In addition to ice, Angela spends her weekends in the off season working as a single pitch instructor for Devils Lake Climbing Guides, taking clients rock climbing at Devils Lake State Park, WI. She is passionate about teaching people to climb in any style or medium they choose and her goal is to always give back the kindness, mentorship, and expertise that has been shown to her in all facets of her climbing career.