Ice Report 2-24-11

Mid February you can  usually count on super fat ice at Pictured Rocks National Lake Shore but with unusually warm temperatures and a lack of snow this month, our ice has taken a minor hit.  Today we hiked out the lakeshore trail which was as hard as concrete.  Anyone heading there this weekend should seriously consider doing the hike inn trail running shoes and Spikey Crampons or Yak Tracks.

Most seeps along Sand Point Road and the Lakeshore Trail are in and very nice right now.  True waterfalls are have been virtually destroyed by the increased water in the rivers and have made many climbs unclimbable.  Tannery Falls, Memorial Falls and Giddy Up are a few that have succumbed to the warm weather.

Giddy Up

Fortunately there are so many seeps to climb, and with the snow pack being so light some of the lower angle climbs are now being uncovered and available to climb.

The wind was fierce today and must have been really blowing for the last couple of days.  Many of the routes had spray ice formed at the top of the climbs which made beautiful and unusual formations.

The temperature is suppose to drop for the weekend which will be good for reforming some of our waterfalls.  The lake ice is still formed to Grand Island so if your coming up this weekend make sure you get on it!