Ice Holdz- Check them out at Ice Fest!

Off-Belay created the IceHoldz™ product as a means to give ice climbers the ability to train year round. If you can mount indoor rock holds on a wall, then why not come up with a material similar to ice, and mount it on the wall. The best part is that IceHoldz™ require no refrigeration. IceHoldz™ are made from a composite plastic material and include a glacier blue backing which absorbs the shock allowing your ice axe to penetrate approximately 1/4 inch – just like real water ice!

Ice Holdz can easily be mounted on to any indoor climbing wall and interspersed among rock holds simulating a mixed route setting. Ice- Holdz™ are available in many shapes and sizes, from the smallest “Splatz & Blobz” to our largest of the “Himalayan Series”, including our ceiling and incline mounted “Icicle Series”. IceHoldz™ require anywhere from 1 to 4 bolts with the exception of the Splatz & Blobz series which require only 4 wood screws. Most IceHoldz™ come with slotted bolt holes for ease of installation. For those with fiberglass walls, simply mount IceHoldz™ onto a plywood back plate and and attach the plywood to the wall using one or more bolts.

We’ll have some for you to swing into and check out at Ice Fest headquarters!  Check out the Ice Holdz in action:

Ice Holdz