Ice Fest Multifunctional Headwear- Free!

87313-DownWindSports-TubiesProofI’m sure you’ve seen people out with those sweet tubular bandanas you can wear in a multitude of fashions. It’s a hat. It’s neck warmer. It’s face mask. It’s just what you need in the varying conditions you find when climbing on the Lake Superior shore. Well, what if I told you you could get one of those cool pieces of headwear featuring the new Michigan Ice Fest logo and you could get it for FREE! That right FREE!

The first 200 people to register online for this year’s ice fest will receive their very own Michigan Ice Fest bandana for FREE!  So don’t wait to sign up because these won’t last long.

If you’ve already signed up, you’ve got one with your name on it.  If you haven’t signed up… What are you waiting for?