Ice Conditions Update- Because Michael Ganley wants to Know





Just a quick update- if you are loooking to get on some ice, this weekend is lining up to be amazing!  The ice is thick and with a few exceptions almost everything is in. One of our most popular questions from folks including Michael Ganley is- what’s the Dryer Hose like?  Well this morning it was oustanding.  Perfect temps, light snow falling and perfect swings!

Ode to The Dryer Hose

Way up in the old U.P.
Just out of Mew-ni-sing
There rose a pitch of water ice
A beauty to be seen.

It hung from a lip with air all ‘round.
Stood tall as a lean white birch.
To gaze at it and contemplate
Was like a prayer in church.

Tall and fine, its cold crystals set
Straight as a drop of water falls.
To take the sharp end up that path
Really took some … er … nerve!

Alas, and now it wears a “skirt”;
Its steepness lost to fools.
Today some dance upon its flanks
Without even using tools!

Old memories long for the day,
When challenge it would pose.
But now it’s just an “easy day”,
Since someone took The Hose.

Yes, Way up in the old U.P.
At Ice Fest it still flows.
But, the thrill will never be the same,
Since someone took The Hose.

Author Phil Watts

Today it is known as The Dryer Hose, but the original route was Life’s A Pitch.  The Dryer Hose was so named because a well-placed clothes dryer hose directed water from a small stream over an undercut sandstone edge to form a direct flow for freezing. When the Pictured Rocks National Park administration decided to actively promote the ice climbing resource, they removed the dryer hose. The route name was changed to protect the innocent.



Just a quick reminder that there is no parking along Sand Point Road at any time.  With the snow forcasted the city and Park Service will be plowing so please drive down to the end of Sand Point Road and park in the lot and walk back to the trail head.  (Pro Tip: back into the parking spot as the winds off Lake Superior can plummel the front end of your vehicle)


Looks like this weeks weather forecast is fantastic for making ice and getting some more snow on the ground! If you are extending the weekend and staying through Monday better bring the heavy weight undies as it is going to be a cold one!


















Be sure to check our website of social media channels for the latest ice conditions reports. If your group need to rent gear Down Wind Sports in Munising offers Ice Gear rentals and are open 7 days a week.  Check out the rental details here!

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