Ice Conditions Report 3-6-17

Twin Towers
Twin Towers

With warmer than average temperatures following Ice Fest many folks have been calling asking about current ice conditions.  The good news is that seeps continue to be in excellent condition with climbers heading out into the backcountry to tag some of the classics.  True waterfalls took a serious hit with the warm weather with almost all of them unclimbable last week.  We have had some reports that they are starting to make a comeback but are very thin in some cases.

A group of our guides made the trek out this weekend to get some personal climbing time in and found soft plastic conditions!

Burr on a Boat
Burr on a Boat

Burr on a Boat was climbed as well as some other formations in the Lovers Leap Arch Area.  Ice along the lake is steep, overhanging but super soft!  As always for climbers heading out into the backcountry, please be sure you are prepared as there is no shore ice this year so the only way out is up!







This coming weekend should be stellar for climbing so if you are stoked to get on some ice now is the time to come on up and get some!

PC David Hixenbaugh