Ice Conditions Report 2012/2013- Let’s Start This Thing!

With the early cold temperatures I thought it might be prudent to head over to Munising to check on how the ice climbs are starting to form up.  Being optimistic, I threw the crampons and tools in the pack….just hoping that there might be something to play on!

Looking across the lake, the East Channel climbs are just beginning to develop but it sure won’t be too long before the whole curtain is touching down.

As usual, the true waterfalls are behind the seeps in their development but the Dryer Hose and Giddy Up pictured here are coming along quite nicely for November.

Sunny Day and Mini Me

The only climb that I found that was remotely climbable was the grade 2 Sunny Day.  This low angle climb had just enough ice to make it worth pulling out the tools and having a go at it!

Munising has around six inches of snow right now and a trail is packed in as far as Sunny Day.  The great news is that all of the feeder streams seem to be full of water, and with our early snow, we should be climbing the major formations right around Christmas!  Couldn’t think of a better gift then that!