Ice Conditions Report 12-15-13

Under a lake effect storm warning we headed down Miners Castle Road to Miners Beach parking area to try and get after some of the seldom visited climbs. AGF is in mid season form and was a treat to climb today.  Most of the trees were draped in an overnight snow and with each slight breeze brought clumps of snow bombing us from above.

By mid afternoon the big lake was roaring and seven inches of snow had fallen.  A quick climb of Potato Patch Fall (super fat!) and we headed for home.  With the new snow that has fallen, it looks like all of the climbs near Miners Beach will now have to be accessed by ski.  Like last week, anything that is a small seep has formed really well and anything with some volume to it has not.

Miners Falls pictured above is an example of a high volume fall that is not quite formed yet.  The middle is still open and flowing…..but that left side sure looks tempting!