Ice Conditions Report 11-17-19 It’s on!

It has been so much fun watching friends getting after the early season ice up in the Canadian Rockies, Montana, Wyoming, and Colorado but I do have to say we have been a bit jealous!  This weekend the Michigan Ice Fest Guides hit the back country to see what might be in and climbable.  Nic Dobbs and David Hixenbaugh were the first to make the long pilgrimage out to HMR and they were rewarded with great conditions and the seasons first ascent.


According to the guys the formation is coming in wider than normal so hopefully more ice will fill in and offer interesting variations throughout the season. Kudos’s to them for taking the chance and heading out there to set a track for everyone else!



Sunday we hit Bridalveil Falls as Miners Castle Road is still passable with a four wheel drive vehicle.  Climbers right of the falls were in with soft hero ice making for an enjoyable afternoon of running laps on this classic formation. Hardshells are recommended as there is still an open flow on the falls proper and the climb tends to be wet.

The warmer temperatures on Sunday meant that some of the less stable ice to the east of us was dropping off into the lake for the entire time we were climbing.

Currently there are no pillars to climb in Munising and the front country seeps are just beginning to touch down.  Be sure to assess all of the climbs that you are attempting this time of year.

As always we will be posting the most up to date conditions so please keep checking back. Please be mind full that these formations are extremely delicate and knocking any pillars down at this point may take a month to reform. BEFORE MAKING THE LONG DRIVE UP– please call Down Wind Sports for up to the minute conditions: 906-226-7112

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